September saw the launch of visionary luxury British brands PRITCH London & GANOR DOMINIC, come together to launch the newest go-to luxury lifestyle destination on 41 South Molton Street.

Redefining the concept of retail, ART HOUSE 41 concept space will be open to the public for a limited duration of only 6 months, an embodiment of 41’s numerological meaning, staying true to one’s self-expression. An ode to its Philosophy; “personal freedom”, it will feature evocative high-fashion content for an immersive design experience.

A collaborative celebration of edgy luxury, and a creative environment for brands & consumers alike, the space will target a fashion forward, personal-style driven audience, stocking current AW17 collections by PRITCH London and GANOR DOMINIC, alongside PRITCH Adventures travel wear line. ART HOUSE 41 will also debut a curated selection of one-to-watch names in the industry; a platform for emerging guest designers and new upcoming artists each month.

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