Beautiful Crime Presents the Collective Exhibition

Throughout March, Herrick Gallery showcased Collective, an edgy and urban art collection presented by Beautiful Crime.


Beautiful Crime sell original artwork by established and emerging artists. They don’t pigeon hole themselves, but they’re also not afraid to bring edgy, erotic themes to their collections.

They are involved in an exhilarating amount of contemporary projects and collaborations, working with new talents but also established companies and brands.

The mix of cotemporary and urban art presented at the exhibition sees edgy, erotic tones and modern twists to well known, familiar images. But what Beautiful Crime has done so brilliantly, is bringing together distinctive artwork from a number of artists who all stand out in their own right.

One artist, Hazel Hurley, featured in the art exhibition, showcases her photography. She frequently captures themes of voyeurism in her artwork. ‘Hazel Hurley crosses the boundary of art and fashion.’ We have to agree, after seeing these beautiful shots of women from a voyeuristic viewpoint, Hazel has captured beautiful shots that explore the female body.


Hazel Hurley’s artwork exhibited at Collective.


Hazel Hurley’s artwork exhibited at Collective.

Another artist showcased at Herrick Gallery was Day-Z, drawing in pencil crayon (we’re told Faber-Castell crayons) taking classic images then placing her own twist on them. One artwork print features an iconic image of Marilyn Monroe combined with a deer head. Her work is very tongue-in-cheek, in both fresh and bold designs.

They don’t get involved in the art and process their artists undertake, but Beautiful Crime know what they like, often led by having the desire to hang the artwork on their own wall.

Beautiful Crime promote their artists, and through their creative agency, they look for artistic solutions into branding as well.

Their diverse range of projects are contemporary-driven ideas, even working with renewable energy ideas such as a concept for Starbucks to reuse cups by having artwork plastered on the card. They often pitch their ideas to many companies, and they work on a wide range of modern collaborations, including Peroni and Microsoft.


Look out for future collections from Beautiful Crime, coming to a gallery near you.

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