Camera Fund Clothing W/12 drop

Camera Fun Clothing started out as a little side project of Photographer Holly Fernando (check her work it’s sick) and friend Mikey Scanlan making small batch items that were all unique and held a great diy aesthetic. Camera Fund has come a long way since then, what started off initially as a fun side project presumably to fund a new camera has sky rocketed to levels that most home grown clothing companies can only aspire too! In doing so Camera Fund has had mature and refine itself to be able to stay ahead of the hype it initially received, their early releases were great (we bought some) but it was clear of that it was a small operation which although there is nothing wrong with that, in that form they could only grow so far. Looking at their latest collection it shows that it is a more established operation, this doesn’t mean to say they have sold out. Far from it! They are true to their roots, they still pay homage to the creators home cities of London and Southsea and this collection although as mentioned before is way more refined. It still shows their DIY attitude, they are a true grass roots company working from the ground up. We look forward to seeing future releases projects, in the mean time you can purchase all the current collection HERE.

Look book images shot by Katie Silvester & Hollie Fernando

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