Casio release the GMW Titanium Virtual Warrior


The G-Shock GMW-B5000TVA-1 Titanium Virtual Warriors is a unique looking limited edition timepiece. The exterior design, inspired by the powered suits featured in virtual worlds, is achieved using titanium parts.

The case, bezel, and band are made from light, strong titanium. Holes are bored into the lugs and band using laser boring, and the bores reveal the fine resin buffering component. The design features red accents such as the light button, which has a machined groove with red inlay. There are laser-engraved details too, adding to the industrial feel.


The GMW-B5000TVA-1 has a full diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating on the case and band. It is also solar powered and has a scratch resistant sapphire glass.
The watch inherits the square shape of the very first G-SHOCK. Printed on the glass is a geometric pattern in a virtual world theme, instead of the standard brick pattern. The playful design includes details such as speech balloons for the function marks next to the buttons.


Notable advancements in the technology offering include Multi Band 6 radio control which ensures the most accurate timekeeping, while Bluetooth® Connectivity means you can easily switch your watch time settings from time zone to zone while you travel the world.

Set apart from the GMW-B5000 series, the GMW-B5000TVA-1 looks and feels unique yet reassuringly familar.

Full spec here.

• Shock-resistant structure
• 20-bar water resistance
• Tough Solar (Solar powered)
• Smartphone Link
• Radio-controlled (Multi Band 6)
• 5 world times selected from 39 cities
• 1/100-second stopwatch
• Countdown timer
• 5 daily alarms
• Full-auto LED backlight (Super Illuminator)

Priced at £1,480 and available here.

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