Champion UK Relaunch

Champion is quite possibly the longest standing sportswear brand around, established in New York during 1919 they have been lucky enough to form partnerships with iconic athletes during their 94 year history. Synonymous with the NBA accompanied with endorsements from hip hop heavyweights Rick Ross and Jay Z Champion has positioned itself as a cultural icon especially for those growing up through the 80′s and 90′s.

Being basketball fans and growing up during the 90′s we had great appreciation of Champion, that said we still do given their collaborations with Supreme and Stussy. After a short hiatus from our shores they have decided to relaunch their current collection in the UK, bringing back their classic styles with understated simplicity. We’re hoping to see the re-release of some of their retro sports jerseys alongside new items which will push the brand forward in the UK, for a large number of potential buyers they would be un aware of Champion and their strong heritage. We admire the incorporation of the brands heritage with the relaunch, it’s a bold move but it will separate the brand from the usual culprits making them stand out for the informed buyer. Quite possibly the most exciting release of 2013 so far a fast paced development of Champion should be expected, with that in might it’s worth keeping eyes on their European site for upcoming releases!

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