Char x Chen AW19 Collection

It started as an infatuation with wearable objects that keep secrets and tell stories. The little things that bring sparkles to our lives. Every in piece is meant to be an everyday companion, to be worn, and gather experiences.

“To a great mind nothing is little” that is how is described the AW 2019 collection. Every small detail can make a important impact and transmit an important message. A plain dress without a delicate touch of accessories is nothing. Char x Chen created a collection that is plain, subtle and elegant, able to complement any outfit. Each piece is created to bring freshness, elegance and pragmatism to any look during day and night. Uniquely made for women that want to be practical and elegant in their daily basis.

The fabrics used consists of brass, sterling, and colorful sapphires for the rings. The combination of this practical fabrics and the design create unique pieces that can add a natural essence to any look.

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