Currently Listening To: Land Before Bedtime ‘Flex’

‘Flex’ is the brand-new single by Kent-based artist Harley Light, the man behind musical project Land Before Bedtime. A follow-up to his superb ‘Broadway’ single, which featured on blogs Hype Machine and Louder than War, the track is a three minute package of powerful beats and head-bopping funk detailing a night of promiscuity and thrills on the dancefloor.

With an album in the works and hopefully due for a release in early 2018, ‘Flex’ is a huge sign of things to come from the uprising newcomer. The track also features dancehall artist MdotR, a notable online figure since making appearances on Link Up TV and [email protected]

Discussing the collaboration, Light comments the short amount of time it took for it to come about and its naturality: “I did some research on the collab and got in contact explained what I was doing in music and showed him the tune and he loved it and agreed pretty much immediately so it was really fortunate and organic”.

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