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Brighton based collective MOK combine elements of Alt-pop and urban music styles in an intelligent form. The House VP is the result of endless filming for 4-5 months on a zero budget, it highlights the band’s upbringing and dealing with the emotions and experiences of growing up in a house together. Judging by how raw and emotional the performances feel, it’s empowering how natural this project feels.

The band gave some insight to the reasoning behind their extensive video project “We chose to do ‘The House’ in a VP format because videos have always been a big part in how we present our music. This time we wanted to focus on making something deeply personal to us whilst at the same time pushing ourselves creatively”

All four songs in ‘The House VP’ are a combination of experience and memories of our time together sharing a house. Friendship, excess, mental health, everyday life, highs and lows are all puzzle pieces that brings this body of work to life.

You can watch the video here:

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