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It’s clear by this track that indie-rock is still alive and well across these fair isles. The opening of this track as well as the singer’s brogue-ish vocals trick you into thinking this is just another band heavily inspired by the Arctic Monkeys. But the perpetual change in dynamics and direction of this track destroys any presumptions.

In short, its progression gives this track something that the majority of indie bands I’ve listened to recently lack; music that is listenable yet not repetitive. As a musician myself, let me tell you right now just how difficult that is to pull off. There’s a reason that Sgt. Pepper’s is such a masterpiece. It’s the exact same reason that this track can be both appreciated and respected. Watch out for Time for T, continuing on this seldom-trodden path in their writing will definitely make them one to watch.

Time For T- Long Day Home

Words by Jake Breeze

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