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After defying genre-constraints for the past few years, the quartet have now coined their own phrase and are calling their own particular blend of noodling, upbeat rock music groovegaze.

Consisting of two new tracks, ‘Burst’ and ‘Open’ (the working title of which was ‘Hot Garbage Man’, altered after a change of heart about the sensibilities behind relating their new single to a stinking pile of rubbish), the lead single ‘Burst’ is another huge slab of instrumental impressionism from this increasingly talented bunch, retaining a beautiful Scottish flavour courtesy of their country’s rich folk heritage.

Commenting on the new music, bassist and spokesman John Niblock says; “Simply put, these tracks are a taster of what’s to come from our next album. The tracks are heavier than anything we’ve written but also a lot poppier and more expressive. It’s a chance to show everyone the constant evolution of our band’s sound.”

Recorded with Tom Peters (guitarist of Alpha Male Tea Party) at The Grand Studio in Clitheroe, ‘Burst Open’ is a continuation of their unrelentingly upbeat and joyful approach to the occasionally tawdry world of post-rock. Riotous and celebratory, Vasa are the kind of band that consistently remind us that this whole music lark is meant to be fun, right?

“Recording with Tom was great,” Niblock continues “as we are big fans of his band already and loved the production of their last album ‘Droids’. The whole process was very easy and stress-free as obviously Tom is well versed in recording this music and he always kept our feet on the ground. Tom’s really brought out the best in us and we couldn’t be happier with the sound of the tracks, which we can’t thank him enough for.”

You can catch Vasa on tour on the dates below:

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