Driven Creativity 2013 Competition

Driven Creativity 2013 Trailer (English) from G-Technology EU on Vimeo.

The G-Technology Driven Creativity Competition is once again on the search for the most inspiring and driven creativity. The brand are rewarding not only the aesthetic qualities of people’s entries but also the innovation and drive which went into creating it.

Entry for the competition is completely free for every single living soul across Europe. The prize? A wonderful €5,000 for your next project and G-Technology’s innovative G-DOCK ev with Thunderbolt™ storage system.

Driven Creativity Competition 2013

There are some catergory choices for you, them being Short Film, Animation, GoPro Active, Photography and Music. Which gives a wide scope to your skills and mindset to create something truly wonderful and unique, we always feel it’s important to show and spread your talents you never know where it may lead!

Driven Creativity Competition 2013Driven Creativity Competition 2013

Just like any other competition ever created there are a few rules, please read here.
You can also check out information on G-Technology via Facebook and Twitter.

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