Ed J Brown

Ed J Brown is a freelance illustrator inspired by texture, process and narrative. Depth plays an important part in Ed’s work, and by this it is not to say that he is troubled by multi layered convoluted concepts nor does he take his work too seriously, but he does like there to be more to an image than something purely static. He likes to create a sense of movement, of sequence, that there may be a story going on and you have tuned in half way! Ed’s work is usually digital in its final outcome, but everything leading up to this has been hand drawn, or hand made, even the colours he uses are from scanned in sugar paper cloned into place.

All of these are compiled and Photoshop is used simply to put the pieces together. Ed also likes to exhibit and two of the images here (New Berlin) can be seen in Manchester’s Nexus gallery until mid November 2012

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