Enclave AW/12 Headwear

Enclave has announced their AW/12 headwear collection which at first glance is looking lush! Putting quality first all of the collection is hand made in New Zealand using traditional woven cotton sourced from Japan, to say these are high end is a bit of an understatement! They have refrained from external branding with this collection, the emphasis is on the fabrics which given the lengths that Enclave has been to getting the prints and fabric just right we think is a great decision. They have taken a step away from the bold and sometimes cheesy prints that other brands are churning out in vast numbers at the moment, clean and to the point seems to be the design motive for this collection. The photography adds further strength to this collection and it’s quality, showing it in a contemporary aesthetic emphasising that the headwear is of a premium nature. Our verdict, flawless!

Available now from Enclave

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