Since their incarnation Fallen has gone from strength to strength initially creating shoes that are durable enough to survive the rigours that skateboarding puts them through but also something more than just a skate shoe, creating shoes that uniquely didn’t always look like a typical skate shoe and immediately shouting SKATEBOARDER to all passes by and doormen. Fallen has been a brand that was versatile and able to be adapted to any kind of situation, their AW/12 collection is more refined that collections of old. It adds some more designer looking items yet they have stuck with their roots of being a skateboard company, with the likes of Jamie Thomas at the top this is the least you would expect. The AW/12 collection also includes the Capitol shoe with is the debut pro model of Jack Curtin, the shoe itself looks great and can be assured to perform on a board given that it has Curtin’s name on it.

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