Field Day 2017

Field Day 2017 saw an array of acts spanning from Moderat to Clams Casino with headliners Aphex Twin taking over the tent for an epic performance, more falling in line with a light show but nethertheless the energy, intergrity and overall vibe of the headline act was something to write home about.

As we walked up the venue the festival goers were all cheering and happily swaying along to reach the inside of Victoria Park. Queues were second to none and we easily breezed through into the main part which hit us with electric attitude and positive vibes.

Frontier Lager

The crowds were buzzing, friendly and the whole overall vibe of the festival felt very safe and creative. We stopped off at the Frontier stand to grab a couple of ice cold beverages and took a couple of moments to sit and soak up the atmosphere.

We popped across between the tents to enjoy bands such as Death Grips, Moderat, Clams Casino, Flying Casino and of course as previously mentioned Aphex Twin.

A fantastic day, making memories and creating a positive vision around music.

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