Five of the Best Men’s Jackets

There are a great range of men’s jackets on the market this autumn so get ready for the cold winter months with our guide to some of the best styles out there for the modern gentleman!

Leather Jackets
Leather jackets have been in vogue for many decades; only the styles in which they are cut and fashioned have kept changing and evolving. A top-quality leather jacket that fits the body well will never go out of style. The present day trends point towards leather jackets with stub collars and zippered fronts. Today’s crowd prefers leather jackets that have moved beyond the staid blacks and browns, and sport bright colours with multiple pockets, excellent designing and styling.

Quilted Jackets
VERY in this year, quilted jackets are not only great for keeping the men warm during winter, but if they have been styled well and have lovely materials and great colours, they can look very smart and fashionable. The Jack Jones Max Quilted Jacket is an excellent example of a very smart quilted outerwear. These jackets can be worn with casual winter trousers, thereby offering immense comfort and would be perfect for an informal outdoor day.

Formal Jackets
Whether they are made with a tweed material or are in single plain colours, formal jackets add a measure of elegance to smartly tailored trousers that are unmatched in any other man’s outfit. The two button jacket, which is presently in vogue, has become an essential part of the gentleman’s formal wardrobe. Navy blue blazers have also been a part of the stylish gentleman’s attire for many decades. Even today, teamed with elegant grey trousers, they can make a mark at any formal gathering or event.

Bomber Jackets
Colours, designs, and fabrics take a bright and varied hue in bomber jackets. From Paul Smith’s dyed Indigo zippered bomber jacket to the bright sartorial yellow of a Hermes bomber jacket, the choices are immense. Some of them are light and colourful, and are just right for the spring season. The others are zippered and lined, but do well with denims and casual pants.
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