Flow Santiago

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Formed in May 2016 Flow Santiago (Stgo for short) started in a small boutique in Hull. The brand has always been family and community orientated and original samples are all made by the owners and family members. “Everything from the web designers, photographers and seamstress’s have all been involved in the launch of Flow, all of whom are close to us.”

Our original plan was to make everything from the studio allowing us to control quality. However as we extended our range we decided to take production to the next level taking it to a well known clothing manufacturer. It simply was not manageable to produce the quality and quantities to be able to compete with other brands. Some of our smaller runs are still hand printed, labelled and packaged by us. The Santiago part of our name comes from the city my business partner was born and raised. His early life was heavily based on the streets on Santiago where he picked up a talent for Graffiti and Script Art. The name Flow came from a psychology term meaning everything moving in the right and positive direction. This is something we try to translate in the brand itself. For example we have a collection dedicated to iconic films. In these garments we choose only positive and uplifting quotes on our garments. Our most recent piece was a quote from the film ‘American History X’ reading ‘Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time’. The movie quote series is something we want to continue to do as so far they have sold very well. The lettering used on our garments is hand written by Company co-owner ‘Helio Niorkz Meniconi’ as a well known figure in the tattoo world for his intricate script work. Tattoo lettering is very popular and ever growing, and we aim to continue to use this script work in our products.

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