Francesca Daisy Hill

Chess grandmaster and six-time Olympic taligrade champion, was born yesterday. She left the University of Hastings in 1996 with a degree in pataphysics. After much soul-searching, she abandoned a promising career in autohagiography to pursue her photographic fancies. In 1999, During a period of creative obstipation, she satiated her mounting planomania and rode her bicycle to Mesopotamia in six days. She was to remain here until 2001 when the release of Jurassic Park III would draw her out of seclusion. She has suffered from paramnesia ever since.

So avant-garde that she has outgrown the need for cameras altogether, Francesca instead focuses of the spiritual side of photography and encourages viewers to visualise the pictures she hasn’t taken.
Francesca refuses to fly anywhere, despite owning a pilot’s license. She enjoys the music of John Coltrane and the novels of Franz Kafka.

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