Frank Turner has shared his new single ‘Brave Face’, from his #3 charting album Be More Kind.

Ahead of his January UK tour, Frank Turner has shared his new single ‘Brave Face’, from his #3 charting album Be More Kind.

The tracks feels, he says: “like one of the most important tracks on the album to me. It brings together the twin themes of the record, the romantic and the political, which feels ever more apt – the world keeps getting crazier, and I just got engaged!”

Following the release of his seventh studio album, he embarked on his Be More Kind World Tour playing to over 200,000 people across the UK, the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and covering 120 dates. Frank Turner will return to the UK to play a seven-date arena tour between January 22nd and February 3rd next year, which will climax at London’s prestigious Alexandra Palace.

The new video for ‘Brave Face’ is an animation informed by the illustrated artwork created for the ‘Be More Kind’ project.

Turner also explained: “Brave Face took the most work of any on the record. We cut it three separate times over the course of recording. In the end, the final arrangement was heavily influenced by being on the road with Jason Isbell (A Star Is Born) and hearing him play his latest material from Nashville Sound. I also reworked the lyrics a few times; I was always happy with the central metaphor, but the details needed tweaking. I like the idea of facing down the end of the world with your significant other, it’s a sort of Thelma-and-Louise image, in a way.”

Reflecting on what has been a hugely successful 12 months, both professionally and personally, he concludes, “I’m so thankful of the support I’ve had since Be More Kind came out in May. Here’s to lots more music and shows to come in 2019!”

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