Gratitude Card Set from School of Life

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We are experts at focusing on what is missing from our lives. Our dissatisfaction often serves us well; it keeps us from complacency and boredom. But we are also dragged down by a pernicious inability to stop, take stock and recognise what we have. In our haste to secure the future, we omit to notice what is already very good in our lives.

This pack of cards is designed to help us pause in our striving and, for a few moments, take on board some of what we have to be grateful for – a consoling, inspiring corrective to the lessons in cynicism and sourness that the world teaches every day.

Each card carries a pertinent image and a few salient words, reminding us, for example, that others forget the stupid things we’ve done, or that we can always reinvent ourselves a little. The cards encourage us to take comfort in the smaller triumphs of our lives that are so easily overlooked. You might consider sending one to a friend in need, or carrying a favourite in your wallet.

RRP £12
Available now from www.theschooloflife.com/shop

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