Italy and its Splendour

Discover Italy, the land of virtuosity, renowned for its renaissance beauty and neoclassical architecture. It is a country bursting with rich, traditional cuisines and flavourful culture. At its heart is the country’s magnificent history, be it within the streets of Rome, amid the shades of the Mona Lisa or painted inside the Sistine Chapel.

One of the most luxurious and relaxing ways to experience Italy at its best is with Luxury Retreats. Explore the selection of homes to rent in Italy handpicked by specialists to ensure you get the ultimate experience.

Plan ahead by selecting the perfect apartment in an elegant, magical location. Majestic destinations span the entire country. Visit breath-taking marvels by escaping beneath the surface and experiencing the very essence of the country.

The landscape’s diversity stretches from snow-capped mountains to serene coastline villages. You can have your cherry pick from the best of places, including the Amalfi Coast, Milan, and the Eternal City, often referred to as Caput Mundi meaning the capital of the world, or more popular, Rome.

Whether discovering a world away from home in elegant traditions or searching for the once in a lifetime getaway, make sure your stay is taken care of with a luxury villa. These villas and apartments are available all year round. But, if you’re looking for a warm, sun-filled break, the best time to travel to Italy is between the months of April and June. That way, you avoid the intense summer sun and the large tourist crowds. The Autumn months are similar, with cool, comfortable temperatures seen in September and October.


With pleasurable weather, explorations of the great wonders of Italy will be tranquil and stress-free. What’s more, you can tailor your holiday and choose a home to create the perfect escape. Would your ideal place be found nestled in stylish urban surroundings? Or perhaps a quaint, peaceful setting. Through Luxury Retreats you are guaranteed excellent quality, value and service. With 200 travel experts on hand, professional advice is provided throughout to assist you with all your holiday planning.

Top destinations include Venice, Rome, Florence and Milan. But quieter spots range from Lago di Braies, through to the province of La Spezia and Badia. Umbria and Tuscany have spectacular scenery, and Naples and Catania are home to famous active volcanoes. Italy has something on offer for everyone.


During your stay dip into the Italian kitchen, envied by food lovers far and wide. Unwind with classic Italian food where pastas come varied and delectable with over 350 different types available. Most traditionally, spaghetti al pomodoro (the classic tomato, basil and spaghetti dish), carbonara (typically made with egg yolks, bacon and cheese) and spaghetti con le vongole (garlic, oil, chilli and clams) are among some of the favourites which are enjoyed all over the world. Another iconic favourite of Italian cuisine would be the much loved Gelato. It can also be bought dairy-free, known as sorbet, and the flavours come in all types and assortments to satisfy every palate out there. Would you try the liquorice variety liquirizia or possibly ricotta stregata meaning ‘bewitched ricotta’ a cheese based gelato?

Across Italy, every region has their own specialities, including pasta choices, ingredients and even wine flavours. Immerse yourself in a world rich with food, art and architecture, and get the most out of your stay.
Some believe Italy to be pioneers of art and architecture. See it for yourself and decide.


Luxury retreats reflect 17 years of experience and guarantee your stay to be filled with excellence, luxury and comfort. You may find roof terraces overlooking the mountain range on the horizon. Or perhaps a courtyard where ivy climbs the wooden fences leading to green, verdant gardens. Sit around the fire at night and hike to local wineries by day, relax by the pool in the afternoon, and then delve into the local nightlife. These exclusive retreats offer you the chance to experience an authentic Italy.

Italians love good food and good wine, and of course, good company. Whether you’re travelling alone, as a group or with family, there are different sized villas to suit every traveller. Find hidden spots in astounding places, embark on heritage treks, and stand within the Colosseum where gladiators once fought and see the core of the Roman Empire. The capital is almost 3,000 years old and its ruins live on today luring thousands upon thousands of tourists to the ancient monuments that remain.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, built in 1173, is another famous monument bringing large amounts of tourism to Italy. It was believed to be built on poor foundations, thus leading to a tower no longer vertical or upright. Yet, its uses came in handy for the Nazi’s in WW2 when it was used as a watch tower.


Italy is home to countless masterpieces. It’s a place filled with opulence at every turn. Walk among the greats of the fashion world, such as Donatella Versace and Giorgio Armani, among the museums and see the likes of Michelangelo or da Vinci, and among the opera houses and the composers and relive the works of Verdi, Rossini and Puccini.

Luxury villas can be found within an earshot of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece. And if your preferred choice is nearby the capital of fashion, Milan has an abundant of sights to be had. Witness for yourself these Italian treasures.

When choosing a place to stay, choose one with privacy and indulge in the splendour that Luxury Retreats has to offer.

Don’t wait for Italy. Discover it.

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