In association with The Impossible Project, This season Jacket Required investigates what subculture means to fashion’s past, present and future. In a series of interviews with three authorities of style and creativity, we look deeper into the connections between the clothes we wear and the cultures we claim, and how that has changed over the years.

Known for his contribution to modern-day documentation of subcultures, Harris Elliott’s career has taken him through various avenues of the music, fashion and art industries. The widely regarded Return of the Rudeboy exhibition was a co-founded project between Elliott and photographer Dean Chalkley, and was situated in Somerset House for 10 weeks before moving to Laforet, Harajuku.

Since then, Elliott instigated and art directed the Japanese punk exhibition Punk in Translation, releasing a short film, Punk: A Feeling of No Future with voiceovers from subculture icons Don Letts, Judy Blame and Roger Burton, and has created and led a variety of projects highlighting that which strays from the mainstream. A self-described “visual storyteller” and an instigator of free thought, his work has inspired those who lived through the movements and those who rise through the new generations.

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