Known Clothing Barber Battle

Known is a British streetwear brand that are relatively new to the scene but with their debut collection they are rising into the streetwear stratosphere with designs that are clean and concise giving them a mature aesthetic, mature in the sense that they are an established brand. They know who they are and where they want to go, a common mistake of new streetwear brands is to be a bit trigger happy and release anything for the sake of having something out there. Refinement is the key, Known clearly know this. No pun intended!

A fresh haircut is essential to any streetwear savvy gentleman, thats why Known are calling for the best in the game to get involved. Fan of Known are the ones voting so be sure to head over to their Facebook to cast your vote and don’t forget to tell your favourite barber to get involved!

With support from rapper Edward Scissortongue we look forward to seeing how Known develop!

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