KRISVANASSCHE x Eastpak for Spring/Summer 2013

It’s probably a little early to be talking about sunnier climates, considering the snow has just started to fall, but when we catch sight of previews like this from Belgian designer Kris Van Assche, you can’t help but look forward.

As high fashion once again meets practical luggage, we see classic bags such as the much-loved holdall getting a bit of a re-think with a very on-trend black leather finish which is here paired with two straps on the underside of the bag, allowing it to be carried like a conventional backpack. A subtle design feature setting this particular bag aside from other premium duffels on the market.

Continuing the theme of premium practicality through the collection is a much smaller daypack, which is again clad in black leather, whilst the side pockets and two large compartments ensure usability is not compromised. An understated Eastpak label can be found on the front of both bags, clearly acknowledging both parties without taking away from the simplicity of either piece.

Both bags are part of a limited line by KVA and so can only be expected to appear in a select few stores across the world.

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