leafychef, a new and exciting vegan brand, makes being kind – to yourself and to the planet – simple and easy. Whether you want to cut out animal products or just cut down, their planet-friendly vegan recipe kits take all the worry out of getting it right. leafychef source delicious natural ingredients and meat alternatives; come up with exciting, nutritiously balanced recipes; and deliver it all directly to your door. Simply choose whether you want to cater for 2 or 4 people and decide from a rich selection of delicious 100% plant-based recipes to add to your box. leafychef fill your box with freshness and deliver, letting you make ethical, environmentally conscious food choices with minimal fuss. Whether you are an experienced vegan who is looking for new ideas, a new vegan making the transition, or simply a flexitarian, leafychef offers inspiration and convenience.

The creator, Benarsh Laly seeks to help all his customers discover new ingredients, flavours and dishes that they wouldn’t always necessarily cook at home, ignite their love of home cooking, and embrace their new vegan lifestyle.

Recipes include Pulled Jackfruit Gyros, To-fish & Chips and Carbonara with Oyster Mushroom Bacon, and have been developed by Benarsh in the leafychef kitchen.

‘It was only after going vegan that I truly fell in love with food. Spending evenings veganising my favourite dishes and playing with ingredients. It made me realise that you could continue to eat what you like, whilst being kind to our bodies and the world we live in. But with the hustle and bustle of everyday life sometimes it’s hard to keep on top of the groceries, or research new recipes for the week. That’s why we started leafychef, to help make going vegan even easier.” – Benarsh Laly, Founder of leafychef

leafychef has an emphasis on fresh ingredients and aspire to use produce sourced locally from suppliers with the same ethical and sustainable ethos as they have. The company also believes in being part of the change, which is why they donate 10% of their profits to Friends of the Earth.

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