Merrill + Forbes SS18 Collection

In the Spring/Summer Collection, Merrill + Forbes takes inspiration from the mystical kingdom of Bhutan. It is for the explorers. It is for the world traveler looking for the enlightened experience. The inspiration stems from local traditions such as their prayers flags. Each Color in the flag represents a different element – earth, iron, fire, water and wood. As the wind blows through the flag, it carries and spreads peace, Strength and positive energy into the world.

This collection has a weathered and lived in feel. A conscious decision was made to recycled and environmentally-friendly fabric only. The bamboo jersey, used in the horizon hoodie and track pants is a technical innovation. It is UV resistant, and antibacterial, and has a powerful insulator for extreme weather. The bamboo also has superior absorbing abilities compared to cotton. Hemp is used in many of the pieces in the SS18. It is significantly more durable than cotton, is pesticide free and is hypoallergenic. Hemp Chambray was used in the snap button shirts, hemp linen for the cargo bottoms and hemp twills for denim.

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