Currently listening to: Keroscene ‘I Can’t Do A Thing’



Fresh off the press releasing their most recent single ‘I Can’t Do A Thing’, Keroscene return with their staggering new music video for the single.

Keroscene wield a distinct psychedelic sound with underlining hints of shoegaze rock. Looking into the song, the band describes it as an expression of “people’s ever-changing emotional states and how ultimately one can only ride the roller coaster, not control it”.
Keroscene have a creative eye for shaping together great videos. The sparseness in their sound correlates with the visuals neatly. You see the band play in a plain room with a projection screen that emits incredibly lucid patterns. Mirrored reflections and stark guitar arrangements all signify the clear mystiqueness to the band’s craft.

See below for the video:

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