New Music Roundup – Feb ’18 picks

As we abandon the long (and dreary) month of January we decided to make a rundown of some of our favourite new music picks for this month, to keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to showing off the hottest new music to your friends.


Martin Luke Brown – J.O.Y.

Fresh from a blossoming second-half to 2017, which saw him release streaming favourites ‘Opalite’ and ‘Into Yellow’, as well as touring the UK and Europe, Martin Luke Brown now releases new single ‘J.O.Y.’ – a stunning single that enhance’s Brown’s reputation as one of the best young writer / performers coming out of the UK today. Brown’s touching and story-like lyricism combined with a hook that is nothing short of anthemic.


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Facebook - http://facebook.com/MartinLukeBrown

Twitter - http://twitter.com/MartinLukeBrown

Instagram - http://instagram.com/MartinLukeBrown

YouTube - http://youtube.com/MartinLukeBrown

Kaerhart – For What It’s Worth

LA-based singer/songwriter Kaerhart is tackling the worlds of activism and music with poise and dedication, as she continues to push for a safe space for all beings through her musical output. Kaerhart has come through again with “For What It’s Worth”, a project in collaboration with LA-based producer Dead Robot.

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 Schwarz – Cold Sunlight

2017 schwarz

German electro-pop extraudinaire Roland Meyer de Voltaire aka ‘Cold Sunlight’ envisions a futuristic soundtrack of electro-pop sounds on debut EP of SCHWARZ. In the video for the single, the artist can be seen for the first time. Together with col- leagues of various artistic disciplines, he completes the picture of SCHWARZ. Check it below

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Hider – Don’t Pretend It Was Nothing

Introducing himself in the Summer of 2017, Hider released three singles in quick succession gaining support from influential Spotify curators and Youtube channels including Topsify, Sensual Musique and Wave Of Good Noise amassing streams in excess of 350,000 streams on Spotify and to similar numbers on Youtube.

Now set to make a mark in 2018, the enigmatic London producer releases new single ‘Don’t Pretend It Was Nothing’, a hypnotic Indie-electro pop gem sounding like a sweetened amalgamation of Avicii and Foster The People. Check out his new video here.

Connect with Hider

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


ROE – Wasted.Patient.Thinking

A songwriter at heart, with pop hooks surrounded by lush synths, big drum machines and her trusty Stratocaster, ROE has been captivating audiences around the world with her raw, emotional vocal performances. Telling slanted tales of the world around her, she writes songs that are striking in their honesty – Her latest ‘Wasted.Patient.Thinking’ carries on her infectious flair of powerful storytelling and catchy pop hook making.

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Captain Kidd – Bleed

A product of the ever-growing Columbus, Ohio music scene, the psychedelic pop infused 4-piece, Captain Kidd, returns after the soulful, chill vibes of singles ‘Stay’ and ‘Wild’, with their newest track ‘Bleed’. Propelled by the success of their first single Freaky Love, Captain Kidd’s evolution has taken them from the dive clubs of northeast and central Ohio, to supporting the likes of Glass Animals, Capital Cities, Wiz Khalifa, and Griz at some of the country’s premier music festivals.

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Capn_Kidd

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CaptainKidd1

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/capn_kidd/

Website - http://www.captainkiddband.com/


Josh Jacobson (Feat. Gigamesh) – Sideline

Teaming up with producer Gigamesh (producer behind ‘Cooler Than Me’ – Mike Posner), Josh Jacobson returns with the slick number ‘Sideline’, which styles with a slick, dance-friendly beat and soulful vocals.

Following on from the successful release of ‘Fade’, which took to the charts of Hype Machine at #1, Josh Jacobson is set to release ‘Sideline’. The upcoming single features co-production efforts from Gigamesh, who produced the inimitable ‘Cooler Than Me’ by Mike Posner. ‘Sideline’ is a groove chilled pop anthem that’s complimented by a slick production approach of rich, vibrant synths and minimalistic percussion.

Connect with Josh Jacobson

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/joshjacobsonmusic/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/joshjacobsongs

IG - https://instagram.com/joshjacobsongs/


 Laarsen – Would You

Laarsen is an electronic music project that is working through sonic productions to develop a style that connects and creates harmony between humans and nature. The Laarsen project fuses natural elements such as vocal recordings, vinyl samples, and real instrumentation, with modern synthesizers, beats and production techniques to marry these different worlds. Check out Larssen’s latest ‘Would You’ below


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