Open Nine Five

Open Nine Five is a clothing label based out of Los Angeles, California. The inspiration behind the clothing comes from the intersection of city life and its surroundings: where canyons meet residences, and where gravelly roads and alleyways meet the ocean.

The brand aims to create pieces that are androgynous and feature loose silhouettes, diverse expressions of individual attitude and sexuality. The driving principle is that the individual brings their own meanings to the clothing; the outfit complements their character.


For FW16 the designer tapped into his roots, both geographically and culturally to craft a collection that melds both Southern Californian and Syrian influences. The collection, ‘Take Your Time’ mixes sharp cuts with soothing pastel hues. After a trip to the Middle-East, the designer challenged himself to pare things down and get to the essence of effortless dressing.


See the collection here: http://www.openninefive.com/

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