Otty – the perfect sleep?

We’ve all seen the new unfold mattresses that have been doing the rounds on the internet but do they really live up to their hype?

We managed to get ourselves an Otty a couple of weeks ago and boy was it worth every penny, the comfort of the cool gel memory foam mattress and 2000 encapsulated pocket springs makes our back pain and uncomfortable nights sleep dissapear within a few days of sleeping on it. With the 100 nights trial test proving good comfortable after 1 week we would advise to give this mattress a good go to settle itself to your body shape. The first night admittedly was a tad odd and stiff but after a good 3 days we were sleeping better than we ever had done due to the fantastic benefits listed below.



The OTTY mattress offers a unique combination of 14cm-long encapsulated pocket springs, luxury reflex foam and Cool Blue Gel infused memory foam, which were engineered to work together to create the best support for your body contours and joints, while keeping your body temperature at optimal level throughout the night.

This results in a consistently comfortable night’s sleep and ensures you wake up feeling fully refreshed and ready for the day ahead!

OTTY is a bed-in-a-box mattress company based in Leeds, and was founded by young entrepreneur Michal Szlas. Michal is a keen free runner and martial artist and wanted a new mattress to match his busy lifestyle. Unfortunately, his search was a confusing one, and he was met with false marketing claims and high prices, so he set about creating his own brand that offered a great nights sleep at a cost-effective price point. Taking more than 18 months to develop, OTTY Sleep was finally launched in 2016.

Currently only available in the UK, the mattresses consistent rise in popularity, 2018 has led to an expansion across many major European countries. Recently launched in Germany, OTTY will soon be available in The Netherlands, and will also be distributed to France and Poland within the next 12 months.

The innovative mattress has been carefully designed and constructed to offer the very best in comfort and support for all shapes and sizes, and comes with a range of unique features to soothe the body and aid sleep. The OTTY mattress combines five unique layers to ensure the perfect night’s sleep (picture attached).

- The OTTY Cool Blue Gel pin-core technology helps to regulate temperature, resulting in a better night’s sleep. This is paired with luxurious Reflex Memory Foam, which relieves pressure and adjusts to your ideal sleeping posture
- 2000 encapsulated pocket springs which offer optimal support for the joints and back, and help to eliminate motion transfer, allowing you and your partner to sleep undisturbed
- High-density foam creates a sturdy base for the mattress, ensuring longevity and preventing dips and sags. A high-strength foal is used on the sides of the mattress to offer edge-to-edge support and add up to 25% sleeping area.
- OTTY mattresses also feature an Airflow system that helps to further regulate temperature by circulating air throughout, removing excess heat.
- The removable and washable cover is hypo-allergenic, which keeps the mattress feeling fresh, and is perfect for anyone with dust or skin allergies.

But not only is OTTY on a mission to bring the perfect sleep to the masses, it wants to do so at the best price. This means that an OTTY mattress features the latest innovation, but comes at a retail price that is up to £150 less than its competitors (comparison based on OTTY’s UK double mattress versus the leading competitor.)

The mattress has been well received by retailers, customers and industry experts alike, with the company’s website winning an e-commerce award for its ease of use, and the mattress winning a prestigious Which? Best Buy Award in January 2018.

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