Philippe Périssé

Philippe Périssé loves women. He likes them strong, sassy, audacious, and naturally charismatic. The kind of women one never forgets, with that typically Parisian allure, masculine chic, and feminine charm. Women who have a  je ne sais quoi, a certain free spirit, sophistication and playfulness. Those who subtly play with their sensuality.

No wonder that this collector of military uniforms with a passion for Mucha and 1940′s American illustrators attended the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture in Paris. After graduating, he worked at Scherrer Haute Couture and Galliano. He then sharpened his vision by focusing on young designers.

After studying luxury brand management and development at the IFM (the French Institute of Fashion), he became a design director at Catherine André. He then joined the luxury Products division of L’Oréal, where he developed Lancôme and Armani’s make-up lines. Then he felt the need to go back to designing.

Driven by the motto “to reveal women’s innate beauty and aura”, he moonlighted as a designer of one-of-a-kind pieces for private clients. Then he took the big plunge by launching his eponymous brand. His structured silhouettes – strong shoulders and cinched waists – quickly became Philippe Périssé’s signature. The brand’s narrative prints tell the story of the sassy ” Beau” giving the brand a deliciously naughty edge.

Beau is the brand’s emblem. A hybrid of a bull terrier and an eagle, this surprising chimera is, in a way, the alter ego of Philippe Périssé and the brand’s first ambassador. A symbol of playful yet poetic hedonism, he acts as a friend and protector to our clients. And he has a clear motto : Age Quod Agis (“Do what you do, and do good” … especially the jokes!).

Philippe Périssé strictly applies this rule. A true tailor, he crafts impeccable daywear and eveningwear, but also custom-made, one-of-a-kind pieces. His debut collection was presented in September 2014. This prequel of a collection set the tone for his brand, signalling its ambition to enhance the beauty of women. Silk and wool crepe, satin, cotton voile and poplin, subtly mix and complement each other on perfectly cut and designed pieces.

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