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PLAYin CHOC was devised and created by Maya Simler, driven by her desire for something better for her children and a frustration with the harm caused to the natural world by plastic and excessive packaging.

Maya’s background in design, her uncompromising attention to detail and a pioneering approach to engaging children with the future of our planet, mean that each box, as well as the carefully crafted toys within, are not only beautifully designed but also 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Together with a commitment to exclusively use organic certified ingredients in its chocolate, PLAYin CHOC is a unique treat for kids that brings together taste, creativity and sustainability.

PLAYin CHOC’s delicious chocolate is made using just three natural, organic ingredients. The finest fairly traded Peruvian cacao beans, grown on small family-owned farms and gently roasted to release the full flavours, are combined with Madagascan Bourbon vanilla and vitamin-rich coconut to create each of the domino-sized treats, which are also certified vegan and contain no refined sugar.

PLAYin CHOC JustChoc 30g M●LK

PLAYin CHOC JustChoc Dark 50g

From bean to bar, PLAYin CHOC is made from the finest fairly traded organic single origin Peruvian cacao beans grown on small family owned farms. The beans are then gently roasted in order to release the full flavours. Made in PLAYin CHOC’s newly built specialist artisan facility in the UK, the chocolate is then combined with creamed coconut and coconut sugar, and Madagascan bourbon vanilla into a smooth velvety texture and complex multi note taste. Finally, the liquid chocolate is poured into moulds and set, before being wrapped and sealed for freshness and hand packed into their individual boxes

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