Ra Clothing AW14 ‘Flawless’ Lookbook


The boys and girls from Ra Clothing have just dropped their AW14 collection, entitled ‘Flawless’. This symbolises the brand’s pursuit for perfection in manufacturing and attention to detail. Their jerseys come in a range of colours that each bear their own significance. Gold represents not only the royalty of the brand, but longevity of the product – with gold as a material being resistant to the insults of all nature, appreciating in value and withstanding the tests of time. Black in the spectrum of colour is all consuming – eliminating all others in its path, just as all imperfections are eliminated when producing a Ra garment. Finally, red has been the signal of power for centuries – and when something is perfect – it commands power, it commands attention, and it commands respect.

The collection is now available from their webshop for you to look flawless.

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