I’m guilty of being that person who runs to the store last minute and buys a 10 pack of razors for a fiver. I’m also that person who cuts his face open numerous times whilst clean shaving but this has all changed! We were offered the opportunity to try out Dorco’s newly launched (in the UK) razors and I rose to the opportunity. Dorco state they have over 60 years of shaving expertise and it really shows!

dorco 1

After doing some research on the brand I was unsure about the quality I was going to receive due to the price, any decent razor you wouldn’t normally pay less than fifteen quid for. But I have to say I am really impressed with the PACE6+. The razor is sturdy, slick and comfortable to hold, I would happily use it time and time again, it definitely feels like it will last me a great deal of time! The PACE6+ is also the world’s first six blade razor!

dorco  2

Another great feature with the PACE6+ is the fact I can shape and style my stubble with the trimmer blade, a godsend to me as I do have a fear of clean shaving daily! After using the razor I received no burn what-so-ever due to the moisturising strip that also protects your skin after shaving, using Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Lavender oil to really achieve a great product.

My experience with the PACE6+ has been nothing but positive and I wouldn’t think twice about recommending it. For seven quid you could have an incredible razor that does everything you need and more! Better yet currently there’s a two for one deal on one of Dorco’s razors online!

Shop for the razor here: https://www.razorsbydorco.co.uk/

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