Single Phase SS18

single phase present their Spring/Summer 2018 collection in the form of Lookbook. The spring/summer 2018 collection is influenced heavily by the 1970’s formula one auto racing. the impact and the energy of this monumental racing event is embedded deeply into the color scheme, silhouette and very distinctive graphics.


Graphically, SS18 focuses on some key elements of formula one auto racing-i.e., finishing flag, pit stop clock, podium, race track, sponsors, teams and more. but where other brands are limited to superficial representation, “single phase” dives deeper with electrical engineering symbols to convey even more the energy of such competitions. for instance, on the red hoodie exists a ‘tire sponsor’: ‘phasestone’ which is placed right below the symbol that stands for ‘control’. there is indeed no grip/control without the right set of tires.


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