So much <3 for Eccleston Square Hotel

Excitedly making my way to leafy Belgravia to experience an overnight stay in the 5 star Eccleston Square hotel…. the short walk from Victoria, makes it a easy journey for national and international travellers to the UK.

As I approach the beautiful Georgian townhouse, the Eccleston Square is renowned for being one of the world’s most technological advanced boutique hotels in the world. Combining both traditional and modern, something it does so wonderfully. Everything from the black and white marble flooring in the hallway, to the sleek reception area with chic gray armchairs and elegant Murano glass chandeliers. It instantly offers a sense of peace and calm from the hustle and bustle of being in central London, through it’s tasteful decor and setting.

The hotel is run by two young Parisian siblings, Olivia and James Byrne, and was recently announced-announced as the Best Luxury Hideaway 2016 in Central London by the Lux Hotel and Spa Awards.The property underwent a multimillion-dollar refurbishment in 2011 and as a given each room includes an iPad as a digital concierge, complimentary smartphone with unlimited data, a 3D television, SmartGlass bathroom walls, touch sensors, a £12,000 Hastens massage bed.

Personal highlights for me during my stay at Eccleston Square included the fantastic service from all staff. They particularly went over and above during breakfast (well it was my birthday!). The choice of breakfast options were extensive, serving everything from traditional English breakfast right through to buttermilk American Pancakes… which were truly divine and perfectly cooked.

It’s in the rooms that the hotel’s niche becomes apparent: it’s all about the technology. Whether it’s the underfloor heating in the bathroom, the tv in the mirror, the lighting or the curtains, it’s all operated by finger-tip control pads, even your room service is via an Ipad. The Hastens bed was out of this world, it was probably one of the best sleeps I’ve had in years… I kid you not. Of all the things controlled by touch pads, my favourite feature was one that offers privacy when nature calls or when it time for a shower.


With the press of a button, the bathroom’s see-through glass wall and door instantly frost over. A second tap of the button makes the glass transparent again. Oh what fun! My signature king room had a generous walk-in shower that boasts three shower heads, including a high-pressure double rainfall shower head that provided an incredible relaxing soak.

This boutique hotel is truly a gem in central London, I urge you all to check it out. You WILL NOT be disappointed.

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