Seoul design practice, Studio Orijeen has created a lenticular line of furniture that changes colour in front of your eyes.

The collection ‘Colour Flow’ features two space-age storage units with rounded edges. The gradient of the pieces moves from blue to green, and then from yellow to pink. This effect is created by the lenticular laminate used in the design. The translucent plastic that covers the furniture has convex lenses on one side and is flat on the other — creating a sense of three-dimensionality. Because of this technological trick, the furniture appears to change colour correlatively with changes in your perspective. Studio Orijeen has long been working across the fields of furniture, products, space, and concept. This collection extends from these interests — they explain; “This visual change reminds you about the relationship between the object and the user.”

1 2.jpg ignant-design-studio-orijeen-color-flow-002-1440x1048 ignant-design-studio-orijeen-color-flow-004-1440x1815 ignant-design-studio-orijeen-color-flow-005


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