Stussy x Urban Industry

Urban Industry has always been at the forefront of the streetwear scene in the UK, ever seeking those elusive and hard to get items and securing supply from some of the biggest names in the game they have made some good connections and good collaborations over the years. To mark their 10th anniversary they have collaborated with quite possible one of the most original streetwear brands out there, Stussy!

In their own words..

“With this new collaboration it’s definitely a highlight for us and adds the icing on the cake for 10 years of hard work. Stussy is one of our favourite brands to work with and we couldn’t have hoped for a better connection with one of the world’s best known brands.

To provide the artwork we worked closely with London based, Mark Ward, an illustrator with a long career in illustration, design and animation. Mark was the perfect choice as he has worked, not only with Stussy, but also with Nike, Burton and adidas.

The tag line ‘From South Coast to West Coast’ connects our sleepy seaside town to the vibrant west coast birthplace of Stussy and the ice Cream design perfectly pulls it together with the chocolate flake for Urban Industry and the cherry for Stussy. Having them crossed gives us the Roman numeral X for 10.”

Shout out to Urban Industry for supporting the UK streetwear scene for 10 years!

Available to purchase HERE!

Urban Industry


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