Summer In New York – 5 movies about graffiti in New York.

TagsAndThrows continues the journey deep into the world of graffiti bombing, by spending 6 weeks in the Mecca of Graffiti – New York. We’re following 5 graffiti bombers, born and raised in New York as they get their name ups on the streets of the city.

The aim is to give the graffiti fiends out there their fix, but also to educate people outside of the culture about this world wide always growing phenomenon. We’re not only showing the artists in action, but also aiming to get to know the person behind the name.

Together with the movies, TagsAndThrows have also released TagsAndThrows Vol.002 – the second TagsAndThrows book. Featuring our own favourite photos from the New York summer of 2016 as well as interviews with Rukus, Fade, Pixote, Left and Stu. Get your own copy via SprayDaily.com.

If you haven’t yet peeped the first movie in the series – Bombing With Ojae, do so by clicking the link below.

The usic for the movie created by the one and only Smutskatt. Check out more of his music on Soundcloud.com/Smutskatt.


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