The Bowmont Project – British Merino

Merino wool is well known for its qualities when it comes to clothing, it’s now utilised by designers everywhere using it to make performance sport wear and base layers for cycling as well as durable everyday wear. It has it’s downsides though, it has to be brought over all the way from New Zealand which is not very environmentally sustainable. Finisterre know how great wool is and due to their surfing background have come to love it over time for it’s brilliant use for base layers to keep surfers warm while out in the cold seas, wool is one of the only textile’s around to still keep you warm despite being soaking wet. They wanted to create their own Merino that was home grown and helps sustain and support local farmers in the UK, this is where the Bowmont comes into play. Initially there were only 28 of these sheep, they are now providing wool and living happily in the UK thanks to Finisterre. The fabric is 100% home grown in the UK and home made too, pretty great if you ask us! Have a look at their online store HERE to see the full story and purchase items.

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