The Vans UltraRange 2018

Get there in Vans UltraRange.

Vans Ultra Range

The UltraRange footwear collection is designed for the explorer, with traction and comfort paving the way.

Taking both the male and female perspective to create a shoe for the explorer, the Vans UltraRange collection takes us to new extremes, inspiring bumpy treks and off-trail hiking.

Through bold, vibrant colours in their new collection, Vans brings style, versatility and comfort together. With a focus on comfort and grip, their reliable build ensures tough terrain is tackled and gives us confidence to go anywhere. Developed as a durable shoe to take us places, UltraRange found inspiration from athletes across the globe who travel long distances, always on their feet, always wandering a little further.

Vans Ultra RangeVans Ultra Range

In its third season, the new UltraRange collection utilises a reverse waffle lug sole for hard-wearing tread and a strong grip. Designed for high durability, its foam cushioning and mesh upper increases breathability and are crucial for those on-the-go.

Whether its discovering hidden gems in harsh terrain or rugged off-road trips that take you to unknown places, from urban trails to rough tracks, you’ll have comfort whilst on your adventure.

With a construction to beat the hardest of paths, Vans meets the challenge every explorer faces – getting there and back again. And the best way to do it is clearly in durable, versatile footwear.

Check out the Vans UltraRange.

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