Top three things to do in Winter

Winter shouldn’t be an excuse to not keep doing all the fun things you love doing just because the weather has dropped so dramactically in a matter of days, that being said we understand that running around outside in the rain, cold and wind so we’ve placed together our top 3 activites to keep us roaring fit, to keep our minds active and playful and to keep us more importantly warm.


1. Winter Walks
Who doesn’t love a gorgeous crisp morning in this frosty weather? Okay, we must admit that it isn’t the ideal start to the day but instead of looking at the winter in a negative way let’s appreciate the frost, the birds, the crisp air, let’s appreciate the fact we can place some winter layers on (excuse to buy more clothes right?) and we can also go out without wearing a bra as no-one will know what’s hidden underneath.

2. Online bingo
This activity is literally bliss, we get to sit in the warmth with a wonderful cup of our favourite herbal tea (rosehip is our fave right now if your asking!) and potentially make some money, what else could be better. Our favourite go to bingo site is Boom Town Bingo which offers up a health array of games including the Cupid’s Arrow and Honey Bees.

3. Netflix
Ahhh, our fellow love affair with Netflix is never ending. If we aren’t chilling out watching the new Stranger Things episodes we are re-living our youth watching classics like Mean Girls and Clueless, utter bliss!

What top things do you like doing in the Winter?

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