True NoPal – Cactus Water

With the rise of coconut water swiping the nation we’ve recently discovered the higher benefits of cactus water.

True Nopal - Cactus Water

it’s not easy surviving in the sonoran desert. but the nopal cactus does. and it doesn’t just survive, it grows, it thrives, and even produces a fruit called the prickly pear.

from it comes true nopal cactus water, 100% natural hydration, with no added sugars, no sodium, no preservatives, no fat and it’s even gluten-free. and if that wasn’t enough it tastes really good too.

clean, crisp, refreshing, light, with berry undertones. oh, and did we mention that it has half the calories of coconut water? not bad for something that grows in the desert…

- Pricing starts at £1.69, and is available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

- www.truenopal.co.uk The UK Instagram is @truenopaluk.

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