Two Tone Press Day

Two Tone is a PR company that work purely on what they love. They have good taste. We was shown around their client collections by the lovely Company Director, Emily and we fell in love with several of their brands.

Not only do they represent some beautiful fashion collections such as House of Billiard who will custom make you a varsity jacket (hello, and welcome to my Christmas list) and By Ti Mo which is the most beautifully whimsical fashion house we’ve ever seen! Their more European brand, Patouf had the most beautiful pair of heavy boots that we are currently craving like mad.

But what really got us were the most alternative clients that they host. Black Skulls, The Great Frog and KG&Co (which has been recently been seen on Rita Ora) all stole the show for us. They are all collections that are heavy duty but total luxury, and just a little bit rock ‘n’ roll.

Add this to the popcorn that kept me satisfied on my way home and Two Tone managed to create a great atmosphere, and most importantly it was welcoming. They love their products, and that’s the most important thing.

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