Welcome to the international running club.


IRC (International Running Club) is a virtual community and lifestyle brand born from a desire to celebrate the positive spirit of running. The brand’s debut collection of t-shirts, sweats and hoodies carry unique designs that cast people to some of the best running locations on earth.


Designed in France and responsibly manufactured with 100% organic cotton in Portugal the range is full of colourful creations that are soft to the skin with an impeccable gender-specific fit.

Sunset run along Copacabana beach? Endless trails through the Coachella Valley? Relaxing on your sofa on rest day? This is your open ticket to iconic destinations.

Available to browse and purchase now – tees will be priced at £44, sweatshirts from £80 and hoodies from £88. For full information, visit: www.internationalrunningclub.com

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