9-5 The Musical


Dolly Parton created the show a decade ago with the film’s screenwriter Patricia Resnick, writing new songs to belt out alongside the title number. There’s an aimlessness and playing-for-time quality to some of these tunes that hollow it out, though there’s still a lot of fun.”

“Natalie McQueen’s Doralee has the same irresistible positivity and sweetness of Parton, not to mention a superb Southern drawl. She’s Parton’s spitting image, albeit four foot taller. Davies overdoes the ditziness a bit, but Caroline Sheen is just brilliant. It’s like the role was made for her, and there’s certainly no sign she jumped into it last minute.”

There’s also a superb performance from Bonnie Langford, as uptight office secretary Roz Keith. She rips off her sensible suit in one song to reveal a tight bodice; it’s a show-stealing number in which she dances, twirls, sings, and even does the splits. It’s brilliant to see a woman over 30 being allowed to own her sexuality on stage.

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