Arcana NYC

The steps of an ancient temple bowed by the imprints of a thousand feet. The painting of an old master whose brushstrokes are captured in time and immortalized. Founded in 2015, Arcana seeks to imbue modern fashion with the echoes of those who came before.

Named for the trump cards of the Tarot deck that weave the narrative of a soul’s journey through life, Arcana acknowledges the reverberations of this story in mythologies across the globe. This universal myth speaks to a shared human experience; we seek something essential we all feel and yet cannot put in words. Art, science, philosophy, religion- all are facets of the same human longing for knowledge and connection.

Arcana strives to alter our consumption of fashion by bringing the focus back to quality, art and soul. Each piece is created using eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced materials. Global textiles are sourced from artisans practicing their indigenous craft, thereby sustaining and preserving the world’s unique cultural expressions. By combining textiles from far-flung destinations, Arcana posits a vision of a global identity that is enriched by its variety, rather than its homogeny.

Each garment, therefore, has its own story. The story of the once at-risk woman in Maheshwar supporting her children by learning the weaving technique of her grandmothers. The story of the vibrantly-hued silk hand-dyed in Japan with such care, and then forgotten by time for decades. Reimagined in modern, wearable pieces, a vestige of the past is made singular and precious. By weaving these stories together, Arcana creates heirlooms- pieces to make us remember, pieces to connect us, pieces to treasure. Arcana reminds us of what we inherit, and what we leave for the world to come.

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