Arcana New York was founded in 2015 upon the principles of transparency, sustainability and respect. Named after the Major Arcana of the Tarot the weave the narrative of a soul’s journey through life, Arcana acknowledges the reverberations of this story in mythologies across the globe; a universal mythology that speaks to a shared human experience.

Striving to alter our consumption of fashion by bringing the focus back to quality, art and soul, Arcana only invests in global textiles that fit rigorous environmental and ethical standards. By combining textiles from far-flung destinations, Arcana posits a vision of a global identity enriched by its variety.

Each textile, therefore, is a story. Weaving together elevated, timeless design vintage silhouettes and the rich legacy inherent in each material, Arcana creates heirlooms — pieces to make us remember, pieces to connect us, pieces to treasure. Arcana reminds us of what we inherit, and what we leave the world to come.

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