bambooth® is a sustainable alternative to a manual plastic toothbrush. It’s designed by Irish duo Niamh Mc Gill and Joe Finnegan. “We believe we can choose earth-friendly sustainable alternatives without having to sacrifice on performance and style,” says Niamh.

bambooth is the brainchild of outdoor enthusiasts Niamh Mc Gill and Joe Finnegan from Ireland, now living in the UK. Everywhere Niamh and Joe looked on TV, on social media they saw images of plastic pollution destroying the natural world – it was time to make a change! In January 2018 the idea for bambooth the biodegradable toothbrush came about and in March of this year, they launched to market. Niamh, who is a vet and conservationist, says she was inspired when she was travelling in China, “I came across a bamboo toothbrush in a novelty shop which I immediately recognised as a potential solu-tion to the 3.5 billion manual plastic toothbrushes sold annually. Each plastic toothbrush takes a mini-mum of 450 years to biodegrade with the vast majority ending up in our oceans and landfill.”

bambooth was then designed by Joe (a woodworking hobbyist) who initially hand-carved the prototype (now a registered patented design). Joe wanted to ensure his design offered a unique, stylish, high-performing, sustainable alternative to a plastic manual toothbrush.

Joe says, “we did a huge amount of research and reviewed every bamboo toothbrush available on the market.” This in-depth research means the bambooth toothbrush ticks all the boxes for customers when it comes to slick design, functionality and availability – bambooth is available to purchase both online and in retail stores so there are no limitations.

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