Evolve Beauty

At Evolve Beauty, we believe it is time for us all to live a little greener, which is why we design all of our hair, body and skincare products using the finest natural and organic ingredients, hand blended and housed in sustainable and recycled packaging. All of our 100% vegan and cruelty free products are designed for everybody, to help everyone live a little bit greener everyday.

It’s time for everyone to evolve, even if it’s just changing something small to help you live a bit more sustainably. We believe that the natural and organic ingredients, hand blended into our products, are better for us and for the planet than the man made alternative’s found in most mass produced beauty products. Which is why you can find the percentage of these ingredients used on the label of each product you purchase from us.

We artisanally create all of our products, using the most effective natural superfoods, in small batches, by hand in our Hertfordshire wind-powered eco studio, to ensure the highest level of freshness. Our beautiful studio is furnished with recycled and natural materials, as well as lots of plants to help purify the air. The breakout area where the team gathers for lunch everyday is decorated with recycled faux grass, wooden picnic benches and upcycled pallet sofas where everyone can sit down together.

Created by Laura Rudoe, founder of S5 Skincare, Evolve Beauty is a multi award winning brand which reflects Laura’s passion for ethical and environmentally friendly business practices, as well as her appreciation for nature and her enthusiasm for all things organic. With products ranging from 98-100% natural, nature is at the heart of everything Laura creates, as she’s inspired by natural evolution and has a deep appreciation for the world around us

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